lake of contrasts

Smalltown life or citypulse?
great views or woodlands.
bike adventures or pilgrimage.
we got it all.  

Vättern is one of the biggest lakes in Sweden. The district has something for everyone and you will discover that you want to come back for more adventures. 

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Once a year we publish our magazine Visit Vättern. It´s entertaining and full of usefull information whats going on around the lake. 

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wall of love 

"Vättern, my paradise, baths in the summer, Crayfish in autumn and fishing at winter"

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Cities & places

Nine areas work together around lake Vättern. We picked the best highlight for you, but there is so much more to see. Let us show you.


Personal guidedtours and de lux package at Ombergs Turisthotel.


From Citypulse to medieval villages and wooden cities.

kajak & mtb

We guide you to the best sites to go by bike. 


The longest runic text in the world. Meet vikings in Rök. 


travel by camper or car  

Explore the surroundings of Vättern by car or with a camper. Stunning sunsets, deep misty forests, small town life or citypuls. We picked some nice spots for you.

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