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- this engagemnet goes way back   

We have decided to make Vättern a fantastic place to visit and explore, and mabe you want to stay forever...
In our network are all the municipalities that work together with great entrepreneurs to make your trip here something to remember and longing to do again.

Next year, in 2022, the magazine turns 25 years old. But the work to collaborate across county boundaries, to attract more visitors to the scenic areas around Lake Vättern, is actually much older than that. Already in the first half of the 1900s, around the time when Sweden hosted the 1912 Summer Olympics, four governors gathered in Jönköping to discuss a collaboration. These regional heads were a little ahead of their time, but the purpose was good and it would turn out that the idea was right. It took almost 80 years for organized cooperation to come about. In 1997, 10 municipalities around Lake Vättern started a new project with support from four county administrative boards and Sparbanksstiftelsen Alfa. 

During the years 2009-2013 The collaboration continued in project form under the name Kräftriket. Here, the destination ideas and the existing network with all the municipalities around the lake grew, a website was developed and the magazine continued to develop with editorial boards in which municipalities, entrepreneurs and organizations participated. It is the result of these projects that we are now managing.

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